Destined to Foster Hope

Life Skills Services

  • Forming & sustaining positive relationships
  • Problem-solving/decision making/goal-planning
  • Addressing individual and family preventive health & wellness
  • Referrals to Education & Academic Support
  • Vocational/Career Planning
  • Employment Skills
  • Budgeting & financial management
  • Housing
  • Home Management
  • Accessing Community resources

Source: Destined to Foster Hope

Destined to Inspire

This is to inspire adoptees and former foster care youth to challenge the adoption and foster care system in placeto make appropriate assessments of its standing policies. To promote better safety regulations to ensure, health, safety and well being of children removed from the care of their parents.

In terms creating a campaign to significantly address concerns pertaining to policies and lack thereof to assist persons whom experienced foster care and or adoption a community to share their stories. With hope that many inspire those in foster care to persevere despite current circumstances.

Creating a platform for others to be inspired to succeed.