RYE Bread.

Toast and Cofee a slice of swiss cheese, where this old year ended and the new one began mourning the unforseen passing of my father. My beloved, I resolved is lost to Covid-19 as stated by Kingston, city hospital.

An African Indian man on an odd piece of land, in a country living under status stature due to skin pigmentation. A Haitain economist and thence for a short time an American Citizen. What that took:-{ and his hearts plans for Haitian revitalization are now uncertain because where would I start? I’ve so many unanswered questions. This nobel man is now physically lost to me forevermore….

A classic humantarian and Historian. I lost him twice. Yes, given the chance to have toast and a slice of swiss, underlying aroma of his cofee brewing…. again means the world to me.

The understanding of who I am. Living with graditude for, I was granted the grace to learn of him. To have been in his presence played a significant fondational value emboldening my inner child to always acknowlede the fruits of the spirit and above all else to know love. For me to live wholly and honestly- who I live to be.

An advocate for juste causes and open to instructive informational conversations. Father would say, “Go and be great. Wherever your feet enter always enter with respect. Your mind is to assess self and thus make continuing efforts to address and make anew.”

Till we meet again father. May the smell of cocoa beans, and the sound of the toaster click clack–pop-up toasted Rye served with a slice of swiss- be my early morning routine.

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